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One of the most common problems with S13 silvias and 180sx's is cracked overflow bottles. GKTECH have made these to the highest standards and to be a direct replacement of your standard overflow bottle. Our overflow bottles are stronger than factory and are guaranteed to last the test of time! - 100% direct replacement of your standard overflow bottle -...
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The SR20DET Blow Off Valve return blocker fits all S13, S14 and S15's and is to be used on the intake pipe when the standard blow off valve is removed. If the hole left from removing the blow off valve isn't removed, air will get sucked into the intake after the air flow meter and the car will run very rough. - 1 piece billet aluminium construction -...
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The GKTECH 1.3kg/cm2 high pressure radiator cap is a direct fit for all Nissans and raises the pressure in the coolant system to 1.3kg/cm2 (from 0.9 for most Nissans). Extra pressure allows for a higher boiling point = better cooling. NOTE: Do NOT remove your radiator cap while your car is hot.
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The GKTECH replacement engine fan has been designed and engineered in Australia specifically for us with the intention of pulling more air than the factory item.
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If you want to use one of our super dooper awesome clutch fans on your RB series motor then you will need to use one of these billet aluminium adapters. The PCD, bore size and the offset all differ from the SR to the RB but this adapter is hub centric and leaves only a 2mm offset variance when compared to your standard RB clutch fan with the standard...
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HFM have developed an excellent all round hydraulic forged cam shaft. Aggressive high ramp duration profile for added rpm. Slightly lumpy on idle with excellent power range from mid to top end. A simple drop in mod that will give great power gains. Advanced duration = 264°Duration @ 0.50 = 216°/216°11.9mm Valve liftManufactured from AISI 4140 heat treated...
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The GKTECH air diversion panels sit between your front bumper and the radiator support and not only make your engine bay look cleaner they also serve a purpose. The air diversion panels help to direct air into the radiator as opposed to around it and you will see a drop in water temperatures on the track (nothing to write home about but it all adds up)...
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